Mortgage Loans

Why trust your biggest investment to anyone else?


Georgetown Federal Credit Union has partnered with Credit Union Mortgage Association for all the mortgage programs you’re looking for, with all these advantages:

  • Highly Competitive Rates

  • Wide Variety of Terms

  • Low Closing Costs

  • Personal, Local Service


You can apply for a mortgage without leaving home, and get a decision within 15 minutes! Our mortgage department offers a secure online application form, mortgage calculators, a glossary of terms and much more. You can even check out rates online.

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Home Equity Loans


It’s great to watch your home’s value increase over the years. It’s even better to put that value to work for you!

A Home Equity Loan lets you cash out your available equity, with very competitive rates and interest payments that may be tax deductible (consult your tax advisor). We can help you decide between a fixed-rate loan and a variable-rate Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) now available.


Home Equity Loan Rates


Term Financing Annual Percentage Rate
5 Years 80% LTV 4.50% APR*
10 Years 80% LTV 5.25% APR*
15 Years 80% LTV 6.00% APR*
Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)                   Revolving 80% LTV 4.50% APR**

**HELOC Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is indexed to the Prime Rate as quoted in the Wall Street Journal and is set as of four days prior to the beginning of the new quarter.  The Prime Rate as of September 27, 2016 was 3.50%.  The minimum rate is 4.50% and the maximum rate is 18%.  All real estate loans require Homeowners Insurance.  Payments may change if the index changes.  Minimum loan amount for Home Equity Loan and HELOC is  $10,000 and the maximum loan amount is $150,000.